So last week and this weekend I was swamped spending pretty much every night trying to get the Wicket Stuff project organized. When I started, the trunk of Wicket Stuff had over 85 folders (subprojects) in it. It was a mess. Tons of these have been abandoned over time, with no work done since the 1.3 release of Wicket was cut and trunk changed to 1.4 development. The biggest problem I wanted to address (and the community overwhelmingly agreed) was that there was no standard release pattern for nearly any WicketStuff project. 

What we decided

It was decided to create a “core” project for WicketStuff where other projects would reside under it (using Maven modules). We would get this core building and releasing snapshots in the maven repo so that if you were developing against Wicket 1.4-SNAPSHOT, you could also do the same for the WicketStuff projects. Then, whenever a numbered release of Wicket came out (i.e. 1.4-rc2 soon), we would cut a release with the same number for WicketStuff. This should make it much easier to use the WicketStuff projects, many of which have never had any numbered releases (you always had to compile your own to use).

What was accomplished

Here’s a quick summary of what was accomplished:

Here’s a status page that I’ll be updating as more progress is made: