Presented by Jim Jagielski, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation board of directors

ASF started with 21 members, 2 projects (httpd and comcon - the conferences), and now has 270 members, over 63 top level projects and 32 in the incubator with 1920 committers. One of the core things that the foundation provides is providing the infrastructure, as well as the legal infrastructure, so that open source projects can focus on what they do best - releasing great software.

He continues with a long list of highlights from the last year. Over the past year it seems that the ASF has grown considerably. They have grown their infrastructure quite a bit to accommodateall of the new growth. They were able to form the Travel Assistance Committee this year, to which I am very grateful for assisting me in making the conference this year. They had 23 projects in the Google Summer of Code contest this year.

Overall - it looks like it will be a very good conference to attend!