Presented by Erik Hatcher - author of Lucene in Action

Reader beware - this post is not very interesting. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I was a little disappointed by the session. It was basically a list of projects that have used Lucene. You can tell that Erik is very knowledgeable (obviously) in use of Lucene. Unfortunately, though, he starts by listing several projects that he did as pet projects that he has since let die, and most of the rest of the session was a list of projects that use Lucene or Solr.

My one takeaway is that I do need to look into Solr more - but I use Lucene already very extensively, and wasn’t introduced to anything in Lucene in this session that I haven’t already done.

Some interesting projects very briefly mentioned were:

Here are a list of projects he has worked on. The first few are dead or dormant.

For other systems that use Lucene, see:

Some users of Lucene mentioned in the session (from the users list):

He also explained that his company, www.lucidimagination.comprovides support, services, and value-add components for Lucene and Solr.