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Jeremy Thomerson

Jeremy Thomerson

My name is Jeremy Thomerson, and you appear to have stumbled across my blog.  This blog is focused on all things technical that interest me.  I intend to write posts about Wicket, which is quite possibly the best web framework ever developed, as well as other Java technologies I use – Lucene, Spring, Hibernate, etc.  You may also find an occasional post about other technical topics such as Linux, server administration, MySQL, MS SQL, Perl, or even circuitboard design, a hobby of mine.

The first web application that I published commercially was purchased by eBay. I stayed on with eBay for several years, assisting and mentoring teams that were migrating several applications over to a scalable Java-based architecture.  After those were complete, I was off to new adventures – which led me to Wicket.  I have been using Wicket since version 1.1, and have deployed over two dozen successful web applications of various sizes with it.

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