I’m now a Wicket core developer

My intention is not to blow my own horn, but I was so excited to have been asked to join the Wicket development team (link) that I knew it was time to dust off the old blog and start trying to write some articles again.  And no more than an hour after it was announced, I was asked about when 1.5 would be released! (a well-meaning joke).  I have a lot of respect for all of the Wicket developers who have brought the great framework this far, and I hope that I will do well in assisting to carry the torch further.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed countless hours to making Wicket a great product!  Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

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2 thoughts on “I’m now a Wicket core developer

  1. Congrats!! I look forward to being able to blame you for all future Wicket bugs :)

    Seriously, that’s a great project to be part of and I’m sure you’ll help to make it even better.

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